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An amateur performance by special permission of

21 - 24 February 2007

7.30 p.m. each evening and 2.30 p.m. Saturday Matinee

Hind Leys Theatre
Forest St, Shepshed, Leics., LE12 9DB



Danny Zuko Adam D
Sandy Dumbrowski Sofie
Pink Ladies:  
- Betty Rizzo Sarra
- Frenchy Frankie
- Marty Nina
- Jan Charlotte S

T Birds:

- Kenickie Michael
- Doody


- Roger Adam P
- Sonny La Tierri Ryan
Patty Simcox Rebecca
Eugene Florczyk Luke
Vince Fontaine Jack
Miss Lynch Emma
Johnny Casino/Teen Angel Chris
Cha Cha Di Gregorio Stephanie
Radio Voice in "It's Raining On Prom Night" Jess
Soloists in "Grease Is The Word" Danielle, Hayley & Natasha
Announcer Ebony
B Movie Voices:  
- Sheila Bethan
- Scientist Daniel
- Hero James
- Heroine Jo
Shower Boys Declan, James & Luke
Rock Chicks/Screaming Girls

Charlotte H, Ebony, Hayley, Sarah F,
Sarah M & Stephanie

Beautician Angels/Cheerleaders

Bethan, Claire, Daisy, Danielle, Ellie, Jo, Laura, Lois, Michaela, Natasha & Victoria

Greasers in "Greased Lightning"

Chris, Daniel, Declan, Jack, James & Victoria



Producer/Director Adrian Dobson
Choreographers Wendy Spencer & Michelle Spencer
Musical Director Joe Southgate
Production Assistant Jarrod Makin
Musical Director's Assistant Louise Burton
Costume Co-ordination/Hair Sue Penver
Technical Director/Sound Operation James White
Lighting/Technical Crew Darren Spencer, Scott Thornton, Michelle Spencer
& David Burton
Stage Manager Alan Jamieson
Stage Crew Lee Brookes, Ashley Moulton, Howard Rogerson, Nick Head, Helen Whysall, Lynsey Bloomfield, Lesley Aldridge
& Joanna Hayes
Set Hawthorn Theatrical, Chris Elliott & The Crew
Properties Erica Elliott
Front Of House Manager Julia Painting
Box Office Julia Daniels
Poster & Publicity Alix Ashurst
Publicity James White & Adrian Dobson
Make-up Eileen Burton, Louise Burton, Brenda Barratt,
Nicola Thompson & Charlotte Liggins
Fundraising Sue Penver
Show Video Wallis Videos
Photographs/Opening Video Sequence Jarrod Makin
Rehearsal Photographs Ray Barratt

Hind Leys Caretakers, Theatre & Community Staff;
Vine House; Christchurch Methofist Church;
Shepshed Town Council; Our Patrons;
The Shire Community Fund; ESNA Players; Neal Academy;
Our Front Of House Volunteers; Loughborough Sea Cadets;
Sue & Graham Harris of Tech-ni-fold



Grease is set in the 1950s at Rydell High School, a typical school somewhere in the USA. The action centres around Danny Zuko and Sandy Dumbrowski and the groups of friends they are involved with at Rydell.

The show opens at a reunion for the Rydell High School students of 1959 before quickly moving into flashback where we are introduced to the T Birds (Danny's gang of male friends) and the Pink Ladies (a gang of female friends lead by Rizzo), who have been friends since they started at Rydell. However, it is Sandy's first day at the school and as soon as she is introduced to the Pink Ladies it is clear that she is very different.

It turns out that Sandy and Danny met over the summer vacation and fell in love. However, not wanting to seem 'uncool', Danny pretends that nothing happened between them and this upsets and confuses Sandy.

At a girl's sleepover, Sandy comes across as a lot more straight-laced than the others and this annoys Rizzo, a wild child, who once went out with Danny. Rizzo leaves when the others are asleep, for a date with Kenickie who has just bought Greased Lightning (his car). The T Birds have seen the car for the first time, and it isn't long before Danny and Rizzo have an argument due to the tension between them as a result of their previous relationship. As a result, there is a volatile atmosphere set up between Rizzo, Danny and Sandy. Sandy is befriended by cheerleader Patty Simcox. Away from the groups, Danny apologises to Sandy and they make up.

In an effort to impress Sandy, Danny joins the athletics team, but later ignores Sandy once again. Rizzo is still in a bad mood and argues with Kenickie before carrying out a mocking impression of Sandy, which she sees.

Believing that Danny has been spreading untrue rumours about her, she turns on him and so he invites Rizzo to the forthcoming prom with him in retaliation. Rizzo, still angry with both Kenickie and Sandy, agrees.

It is the school dance and everybody is having a good time, except Sandy, who sits alone at home pining over Danny. Danny wins the dance contest, but he doesn't enjoy himself without Sandy.

A couple of evenings later, the T Birds wait for a fight to erupt with a rival gang. Danny is absent as he is training with the athletics team, which annoys the T Birds. Frenchy realises her dreams of being a top Fashion and Beauty expert will never come to anything, and she along with the T Birds, begin to notice their lives are beginning to change. Meanwhile, Danny and Sandy, in an attempt to reconcile their differences, go to the drive-in movies. Danny, however, tries to push Sandy into 'making out' more than she wants to and she storms out in disgust.

The T Birds and the Pink Ladies are at a party a couple of evenings later and Sandy is clearly on the edge of the group, feeling isolated. Rizzo's contempt for her continues but she is also pre-occupied and she confides in Marty that she thinks she is pregnant. Kenickie and Rizzo fall out and there is a strong implication that it is over Rizzo's denial that the baby is Kenickie's. Rizzo rejects all offers of help, and after Sandy talks to her, it highlights the huge difference between the two.

Sandy, once again upset by Rizzo's outburst, vows to change her image, reappearing the next day dressed like a Pink Lady. Meanwhile, Danny has quit the track team and has become his normal self again. Danny is taken aback by Sandy's new image and for a moment she ignores him. Then she concedes that they are as in love with each other as the first moment they met.

Despite the trials and tribulations they have experienced, the relationships between all the members of the group are restored to back to normal and in the grandest traditions, they all live happily ever after!



Grease Is The Word Company & Soloists
Alma Mater Miss Lynch, Patty, Eugene & Students
Alma Mater (Parody) Rydell High School Students
Summer Nights Sandy, Danny, Pink Ladies, T-Birds & Students
Those Magic Changes Doody & The Shower Boys
Freddy My Love Marty & The Pink Ladies
Greased Lightnin' Kenicke, T-Birds, Rock Chicks & Greasers
Rydel Ringtails Patty, Sandy & Cheerleaders
Mooning Roger & Jan
Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee Rizzo
We Go Together Company
Shakin' At The High School Hop Company
It's Raining on Prom Night Sandy, Radio Voice
Prom Dances Band
Born To Hand Jive Johnny Casino
Hopelessly Devoted To You Sandy
Beauty School Dropout Teen Angel & Beauticians
Sandy Danny
Rock 'N' Roll Party Queen Doody & Roger
Blue Moon Doody & Roger
There Are Worse Things I Could Do Rizzo
Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise) Sandy
You're The One that I Want Danny, Sandy & Company
Finale & Megamix Company


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