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Chicago (High School Version)


(High School Edition)

Lyrics By FRED EBB

Based On The Play By Maurine Dallas Watkins
Scipt Adaptation By David Thompson
Music Editing By Paul McKibbins

An amateur performance by arrangement with

29 January - 1 February 2020

Wednesday To Friday 7.30 p.m.
Saturday 2 p.m. & 7 p.m.

The Iveshead Theatre
Forest St, Shepshed, Leics., LE12 9DB



Roxie Hart Yasmin
Velma Kelly Georgia
Billy Flynn Will
Amos Hart Alex
Matron "Mama" Morton Ruby
Mary Sunshine Cerys
Merry Murderesses:  
Liz Lily
Annie Lizzie
June Emily
Hunyak Josie
Mona Abi
Fred Caseley Charlie Cn
Fogarty Noah
Harrison Charlie Cl
Judge Toby
Clerk Freya
Juror 1 Sophie
Reporter Gracie
3rd Reporter Jess
Kitty Mia
Harry Kyle
Harry's Lover Scarlett
Cop Kyle
Tapdancers Scarlett & Jess
Ensemble #1 Mia
Ensemble #2 Alice
Ensemble #3 Toby
Ensemble #4 Charlotte D
Ensemble #5 Gracie
Ensemble #6 Freya
Ensemble #7 Cerys
Ensemble #8 Sophie
Ensemble #9 Charlie Cl
Ensemble #10 Scarlett
Ensemble #11 Amelia
Ensemble #12 Jess



Producer & Director Adrian Dobson
Musical Director Carolyn Necklen
Choreographer Wendy Spencer
Assistant Choreographers Helen Starkey, Shelly White & Danni Starkey
Costumes Lorna North
Stage Manager Kevin Spencer
Set Design Adrian Dobson
Set Construction

Kevin Spencer, Al Jamieson & Paul Savage

Lighting Charlie Kent
Sound James White
Properties Jane Whittle & Becky Whittle
Front Of House Lorna & Amy North
Box Office Becky Smith
Photography Richard Halford & Alix Ashurst
Poster & Programme Adrian Dobson
Fundraising Jane Whittle
Patrons Lorna North
Lead Chaperone Helen Starkey
Social Media Amy North & Danni Starkey
Website & Publicity Adrian Dobson
Videography Steve Dootson
With Thanks Also To: The Iveshead School; S & I Groundworks Ltd.; Christchurch Methodist Church; Hawthorn Theatrical; Nicola Powell; Sue Penver; Our Patrons; All our chaperones, stage crew and front of house volunteers; we also thank our audiences and anyone who has assisted in any way with this production.



In late 1920s Chicago, Illinois, jazz star VELMA KELLY sings and performs as a dramatic scene unfolds: ROXIE HART, a married woman, has come home with her boyfriend, FRED CASELY. Fred tries to end the affair, but Roxie becomes enraged, shooting him in cold blood (All That Jazz).

Three hours later the Officer FOGARTY and the police arrive, and Roxie convinces her husband, AMOS, to lie and say that he killed the “burglar” – when really, he arrived home and heard the story from Roxie. She sings her husband’s praises – until a policeman reveals the man’s identity and Amos recognizes Fred Casely, the man who sold them their furniture, and certainly no burglar (Funny Honey). Amos realizes his wife lied to cover up her affair, and he turns against her. In a fit of rage, Roxie confesses to the affair and the murder. She is taken away by the police.

At the Cook County Jail, six “merry murderesses,” including Velma, LIZ, ANNIE, JUNE, MONA, and HUNYAK—who insists she is not guilty – tell their bloody tales (The Cell Block Tango). Then, the Keeper of the Keys MATRON “MAMA” MORTON introduces herself, reminding the women that she’s willing to do them favors if they do favours for her (When You’re Good to Mama). As Matron introduces Roxie to her fellow prisoners, she asks about Roxie’s defence for the trial. Roxie doesn’t have one, so Matron suggests the best criminal lawyer in Chicago, BILLY FLYNN. After a bit of sweet-talking, Roxie convinces Amos to foot the lawyer’s very expensive bill.

For his part, Billy insists that his motives are pure (All I Care About), yet when Amos meets with him it becomes clear that Billy intends to get every bit of money and publicity possible out of the case. Billy rewrites the story of Roxie’s life, casting her as an innocent girl swept up by life in the big city. There is one pivotal point of the story that Billy drives home to reporters: Fred reached for the gun, and Roxie, in self-defence, did too (We Both Reached for the Gun).

The REPORTERS love the story, including famed columnist MARY SUNSHINE, and Roxie is thrilled with her newfound fame (Roxie). Velma, realizing she is yesterday’s news, desperately pitches an idea to Roxie: why don’t the two of them do a double act when they get out (I Can’t Do It Alone)? Roxie rejects the idea

When Billy drops Roxie for a hot new case—pineapple heiress KITTY, who killed her boyfriend HARRY and his girlfriend after finding them together—Roxie realizes that fame fades quickly. She and Velma lament their lost spotlight (My Own Best Friend). However, Roxie has a plan: she faints. When she “comes to,” she informs Billy and the reporters that she is going to have a baby.

Reporters swarm Roxie as she thoroughly enjoys the frenzy her announcement has caused (Me and My Baby). Amos excitedly proclaims himself the father, but no one seems to notice. He sadly muses that no one ever seems to notice him (Mister Cellophane).

Billy visits the jail to meet with Roxie, but runs into Velma, who is also his client. She tells Billy that she has been practicing what she will do for her trial, and she shows him her routine (When Velma Takes the Stand). Meanwhile, Roxie has been practicing her own trial routine, and she confesses to Billy that she is nervous. Billy advises her to “razzle dazzle” the courtroom (Razzle Dazzle). Roxie does just that, and the jury finds her not guilty

The trial’s conclusion leaves Roxie disappointed as the crowd rushes off to the next big scandal; she was hoping this would be her big break. However, she’s quickly thrust back in the spotlight when she teams up with Velma, performing a new act that takes Chicago by storm (Nowadays). The two “scintillating sinners” are stars (Finale)




Overture Orchestra
All That Jazz Velma & Ensemble
Funny Honey Roxie
Cell Block Tango Liz, Annie, June, Hunyak, Velma, Mona & Ensemble
When You're Good To Mama Matron Mama Morton
All I Care About Billy & Ensemble
We Both Reach For The Gun Billy, Mary, Roxie & Ensemble
Roxie Roxie & Ensemble
I Can't Do It Alone Velma
My Own Best Friend Velma, Roxie & Ensemble
First Act Curtain Velma & Ensemble
I Know A Girl


Me And My Baby Roxie, Velma & Ensemble
Mister Cellophane Amos
When Velma Takes The Stand Velma & Ensemble
Razzle Dazzle Billy & Ensemble
Courtroom Scene Clerk, Amos, Billy & Ensemble
The Verdict Billy, Ensemble
Nowadays Roxie & Velma
Finale Ensemble


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