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Alice 1997


A New Musical Based on
"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll

Book, Music & Lyrics By ADRIAN DOBSON

An amateur performance by permission of the author

15 -18 January 1997

7.30 p.m. each evening and 2.00 p.m. Saturday Matinee

Hind Leys Theatre
Forest St, Shepshed, Leics., LE12 9DB



(in order of appearance)  
Alice Jenny Russell
Julia (Alice's sister) Lesley Aldridge
White Rabbit Alistair Brown
Door 1 Laura Penver
Door 2 Jenny Marchment
Door 3 Jessica Kyle
Mouse Kim Russell
Duck Chris Bell-Young
Dodo Gavin Jones
Lory Georgina Vessey
Eaglet Nikki Morgan
Mother Crab Jenny Marchment
Young Crab Sophie Harrison
Pat, An Irish Mouse Jack Cook
Bill, The Lizard Jessica Kyle
Guinea Pig 1 Charlotte Gamble
Guinea Pig 2 Heather Jackson
Frog Hannah Salton
Caterpillar Sam Cunningham
Frog Footman Nikki Morgan
Seal Footman David Blood
Duchess Rebecca Morris
Cook Victoria Wright
Cheshire Cat Chris Bell-Young
Mad Hatter Chris Vessey
March Hare Lesley Aldridge
Doormouse Kris Platts
Two Of Spades Laura Gibson
Five Of Spades Rachel Cave
Seven Of Spades Victoria Wale
Queen Of Hearts Lynsey Gamble
Knave Of Hearts Michael Boast
King Of Hearts David Blood
Executioner Chris Vessey
Gryphon Victoria Boast
Mock Turtle Adam Montondon
Four Of Clubs Ella Burnell
Eight Of Diamonds Lauren Widdowson



Producer/Director Adrian Dobson & Neil Pascoe
Musical Director Sarah Reynolds
Choreographer Linda Cunningham
Stage Manager Len Dobson
Front Of House Managers Keith & Barbara Vessey
Lighting & Effects David Dobson & Richard Halford
Sound Paul Frost
Set Len Dobson & Clifford & Brown
Set Painting Alix Dobson, Rebecca Hickie & Ingrid Daniels
Costume Elaine Stevenson, Vintage Years & The Cast
Properties Fiona Brown
Box Office Val Morgan & Chris Wright
Photographs Richard Easter
Programme Adrian & David Dobson
Programme Printing Almac DTP
Caterpillar Puppet Sue Barry
Poster And Programme Cover Design Alix Dobson
Rehearsal Pianist Maurice Aucott
Acknowledgements Midland Bank Plc Loughborough; Hind Leys College Shepshed; Christchurch Methodist Church; St. John Ambulance;
Radio Leicester; Parents, family & friends who have contributed to the production in any way.



"Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" started its life as a simple story thought up by Charles Ludwig Dodgson, a young Oxford professor, to amuse the three daughters of the Dean of Christchurch College as they drifted and rowed their way down the Isis to a picnic. From this humble beginning, Lewis Carroll, as his pen-name became, took this story and its follow-up, "Alice Through The Looking Glass" to be published, and become probably the most famous children's story in the English Language.

Alice's adventures were first published in 1865 but scarcely a week passes by without some reference being made to its contents, either in editorial, newspaper, courtroom, or novel. Many adaptations have been made over the course of time, perhaps the most famous being the version by Walt Disney which mixed elements of both books.

This new adaptation is a modern musical which tries to use all the best elements of the original book and including other pieces to add to the story en route. It began its life in 1987 as a piece to pass the time, and has been worked on and modified into its present form with 14 original songs, which it is hoped will add to the show's enjoyment.

So sit back and relax. You'll be taken on an unforgettable journey with Alice down a rabbit hole, following the White Rabbit who is late for a date with the Queen Of Hearts to play croquet. On the way Alice changes size many times and meets a whole host of characters including a Mouse, a Caterpillar, a Duchess, and a Cheshire Cat. She has tea with The Mad Hatter and March Hare, and gets advice from a Mock Turtle. Then onto a very far-fetched trial over"Who Stole The Tarts?"



Overture & Prologue Instrumental
Too Late! White Rabbit
Alice, Are You Making A Fatal Mistake? Alice & Chorus
Curiouser And Curiouser Alice
Too Late! (Reprise) White Rabbit
Sit Down Mouse, Dodo & Chorus
Fury And The Mouse Mouse
It Must Be A Dream Alice & Chorus
You Are Old Father William Alice & Caterpillar
Speak Roughly To Your Litle Boy Duchess & Cook
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party Mad Hatter, March Hare, Doormouse & Alice
It Must Be A Dream (Reprise) Alice & Chorus
Croquet Chorus
Life Is Full Of Morals Duchess
The Mock Turtle's Story Mock Turtle
Will You Join The Dance? Mock Turtle, Gryphon & Chorus
Who Stole The Tarts? White Rabbit & Chorus
Alice, Are You Making A Fatal Mistake? (Reprise) Alice & Chorus
It Must Be A Dream (Reprise & Finale) Alice & Chorus



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